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Accredited (2017-2022) by Directorate General of Research and Development Strengthening of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia (No: 51/E/KPT/2017) with Sinta Score S2.

The Jurnal Keperawatan Indonesia (JKI, or Nursing Journal Indonesia) is the oldest and most honored broad-based nursing journal in Indonesia. The term 'Indonesia' informs that the journal has become a pioneer in the publication of nursing journals in Indonesia. The journal established in 1997. Along with the vast growth of the nursing profession in Indonesia, its presence has been valuable and inseparable for the development of nursing and health in general.

In conjunction with its journey, the journal not only covers issues surrounding nursing, but also any topics that are relevant to health nationally and internationally, especially low-middle countries. Our commitment is how to communicate and be open to discussion of ideas, facts, and issues related to health for a wide range of disciplines.

JKI is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal of the Faculty of Nursing Universitas Indonesia. The journal acceptable include original research articles, synthesizing literature surveys, and best practice reports or case reports in quantitative, qualitative or mixed-method approach. JKI adheres to journalistic standards that require transparency of real and potential conflicts of interests that authors and editors may have. Letters and commentaries of our published articles are welcome.

The abbreviation journal title is JKI, means Nursing Journal of Indonesia (in English).

JKI is published by Universitas Indonesia.

For the year 2014, Volume 17, is scheduled for online management and open access publication.

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